I tried to come up with a catchy title for a little review of the recent movie “Pride and Prejudice” starring Keira Knightly.  I hope this title fills that bill.

Anyway, I thought I would surprise my wife (lover of Victorian literature) with the rental of the movie Pride and Prejudice.  I, personally, have never read the book (nor have I had any desire to do so).  She, however, thinks of it as her favorite work of fiction.  Being the wonderful husband that I am *cough cough* I watched the movie with her.

What’d I think of the movie?  Well, my allergies were bothering me, so that I found my eyes leaking at various annoying parts of the movie, usually during the “girly scenes” — you know the ones — where Darcy proposes marriage, or Elizabeth learns of Darcy’s concern through roundabout means.  Perhaps “cheese” is a better name for those scenes.  I actually turned to my wife and asked during the proposal to Jane “Is THAT where that phrase comes from?” (For the uneducated, “Yes, yes… a thousand times, yes!”)  My hayfever started attacking me severely at that point, and I nearly had to get a tissue so that I could see the movie.  Stupid girly movies.

Anyway, aside from all the talking, girly scenes and lack of any good action scenes, I’d rate the movie a solid five out of five stars.  Oh yea, and I’m probably going to have to read the stinkin’ book now too.


I hate girly movies.