[This work is something I recently wrote for a small internet publication that didn’t get picked up, so I’m posting it here.]

“I should be in charge. That self-righteous idiot who claims to know everything about ‘everything’ pulled a fast one on me, caught me unawares, and threw me out on my own.

I don’t need him. I’ll show him.

Anyway, if he had listened to me, he wouldn’t be in the pickle he’s in now. He mucked up everything. His whole plan went down the crapper – just because he was afraid to listen to his ‘inferior’ and insisted on doing it all his way.

How can he claim I am inferior? I was right in everything I said, and it’s all going as I told him it would. But he still doesn’t listen or care.

‘They’ say history is written by the victors. So far, that’s true; though I will set the record straight and take my place and fix his whole mess. Then everyone will know I was right and that his ridiculous prattling and posturing was simply inane garble. He’s such a megalomaniac. I despise him.

If I were in charge, I’d make sure everyone knew it. He sure does. He demands everyone listen to him or they get fired. No one is allowed individual initiative or creativity. It’s all ‘his’ show. If someone complains and says they’d rather do it their way, then he quickly steps in and chastises them for being dim-witted fools because he’s ‘always right.’

You know what I think of that nonsense. He has been wrong far too often.

I’d do it better. I’d give everyone an opportunity to tell me what they think, and I might even use their ideas. It’s not like I’m omniscient or anything. But I sure as hell know a lot more than anyone else, except for him.

Worst of all, he likes to pretend to sit in the background while his chosen pets simper and whine, begging him to give insight or to help with their own little projects. I see him gloating. He’s such a hypocrite. He wants them all to come and ask for help. Then he doles it out, if they agree to his conditions. Continue working for him at his discretion, doing whatever inane tasks he demands whenever he demands them for barely more than empty promises. Sure, he makes sure most of them have their minimal needs met, but how often does he let them really thrive and live the good life?

If it were me, I’d reward my minions handsomely. Money, power, sex… you name it. He can’t stand any of that stuff. It’s all about ‘do unto others’ and all that lunacy. What was he thinking? Did he actually believe anyone would want what he’s selling? Not me. Not ever.

I will take over some day, and when I do, I’ll not only slap him down but anyone who was stupid enough to believe him. Then they’ll all know how awesome I am. After all, he named me the Morning Star!”