Today is the Second Sunday in Advent. My sermon this morning was about the “Word of Peace” which is Christ Himself, God Made Manifest, The Incarnate Word. What I challenged everyone to remember is that Christ is truly God’s Word — as Scripture is that verbal essence of God’s Self-revelation to mankind, so is Christ the very physical and spiritual revelation of God to Man.

While Scripture points us to Christ and in itself provides the revelation God desired for all mankind, it is only fulfilled in the presence and nature of Jesus Christ. He is the Word. We have in Him the complete summation of Scripture. It all points to Him. He is the Person of God’s Self-revelation to Man.

How cool is that!

Not only does God reveal Himself to us in Christ, but as we accept Him as Lord and Savior and become members of His Church, we enter into a new relationship with God, becoming His children, and the true Body of Christ to the world.

To go further, Christ came to reveal the nature of God and God’s call to each person to love. We are called to love God with our whole selves and to live that out, we must love our neighbors as ourselves. This message of love is a promise of peace and a declaration to work for it, but not the kind of peace that calls us to stand with signs calling for an “end to war” or some such. It calls us to fight sin and evil with our whole selves. Only through conquering the evil in our lives — not by the way through violence against men — through self-discipline, self-sacrifice and honesty, can we begin to produce the fruits of true love.

In addition, we must seek out and expose evil in all its forms in this world with no mercy for wickedness. Injustice and oppression should not be tolerated, and as the Church, as the Body of Christ, as Christ’s Incarnation to the World (since His Ascension), we must shine His Light on the dark places and illuminate them wherever they may be. Through His righteousness and the grace of His Spirit, we will see the fruit of peace made known, and God will be glorified.