“Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them.”

Psalm 22:4

I have been asked numerous times how I can believe so fiercely in God and in His Son Jesus Christ. Others have been clueless as to where my faith seemed to originate. The only answer I can give is that it has been handed down to me by my forebears.

I tend to view the world in a somewhat prosaic manner. I know Man is capable of evil and have done my share of wicked deeds (not world-stopping I suppose, but nasty in their own ways). Every one sins and falls short of God’s glory. Scripture is quite clear on that subject. I am not blinded by the terrors of the world, the flesh and the Devil. Regardless, I am convinced that through it all God does watch out for us and care deeply for our needs. Yes, atrocities abound, but I believe in a holy God through and through.

Trust begets trust. I trust God and have trusted Him from very early in my life. I have seen Him work His Will in my life; although I must admit I have been amazed at some of the ways He has chosen to do it. While others may find God’s seeming standoffishness to be appalling, I see it as symptomatic of His divine love and the nature of Creation.

Our responsibility is to make this world better and shine the Light of Christ, fighting corruption and sin _wherever_ it may be found — not just at our convenience or to make us feel better. We endure far too much evil and instead should rebuke it loudly.

Perhaps this Advent, we can take the words of our fathers to heart and trust in a holy God while seeking to accomplish His holy Will and make this world a place full of love for our neighbor.

In Him,