When I married my wife, I was about ten pounds overweight due to a messed up work schedule where I ate dinner at 2 a.m. and rarely got any normal exercise. We have now been married nearly twelve years and have five children. I have gained weight with each pregnancy that I have not lost. I blame all of this newly added weight on my beloved’s ever-increasing mastery of the art of cooking.

We have tried a few fad diets, but none have them have stuck as we simply enjoy our good foods too much. If we could only get to the gym more, that should solve our problems — we don’t eat an overabundance of food, it’s just that what I’ve gained I haven’t worked off.

Anyway, I write this because I wanted to share a little about my wife’s most recent salad she prepared for lunch today. As I mentioned before, we picked several gallons of strawberries the other day. NB (my wife) decided to make a spinach salad that included these delicious strawberries and toasted pecans. She made that for dinner yesterday. (Here’s a pic of it.)


Today, we improved upon it. We had the spinach, which provided a nice strong base to the overall flavor of the salad. Upon that great beginning, she added the sliced strawberries which sent the salad into a new dimension of heightened taste — the sweetness and robust nature of the strawberries made my mouth jump with pleasure. The toasted pecans provided a slightly smokey nutty taste that encircled the other flavors. Not to be outdone, we added small slices of ham and turkey to provide a bit of sustenance and (no pun intended) meat to the meal. The meats gave a heartiness to the salad that seemed to contrast well with the brightness of the strawberries. Finally, over all of these ingredients, NB put down a layer of shredded mozzarella that brought a smooth, mellow flavor that simply added depth to the already full palate of “yum”. I wish I had had a great vinagrette to go with the meal, but instead I went bourgeois and used a smattering of Kraft Ranch dressing to enliven the whole dish.

I know, some of you may be appalled at my use of the ranch dressing, but it beats rancid olive oil-based dressings any day. Maybe we’ll be able to get a really good olive oil at some point, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Anyway, the salad was great, and my wife seems to become a better cook every day.

Have a great day.