You know when most people go on vacation it is to escape work and have a “stress free” and enjoyable time with their families doing fun things and recuperating from the vagaries of “life”. While I have had a generally “relaxing” vacation on the physical level — not having to go in to work or hold services — I have found that this vacation has been one of the least stress free times of my life.

Work has followed me home on this vacation and has in some cases literally kept me up all night with stress and frustration. Take today for example: I was supposed to work around the house getting at least one big project done, but because I had been up most of the night dealing with the needs of handling a very stressful situation, I was too tired (physically and mentally) to get the things done I had hoped.

So… this has not been a “stress free” vacation. The worst part about that is that today was the last day of my vacation. Tomorrow resumes my normal “off day” schedule and then I “go back to work” on Sunday.

Well, perhaps I can spend my “days off” doing the things I wasn’t able to accomplish today. Maybe I can turn these final two days into a boom instead of a bust for my “vacation”.

Now, regardless of how frustrated or annoyed I may be, I do recognize that even in all of this, God is moving. I offer His praise and thanksgiving even when I can’t see what’s around the corner. All will be well.

God’s peace be on you and yours.