I am so sick and tired of people using the word “evolve” as though it has some magical, mystical meaning. It simply means “change”. That’s it. No big deal. Evolution is a process of change. We sit and dither about the meaning or process of “evolution” — it’s just a concept of how change came about in our world.

Not that I agree with the theories of Macro-evolution and Darwinianism. Far from it… I become more beholden to my “creationist” roots nearly every day as I read what “science” purports to be “evidence” for evolution (read: change). It is just as logical to me that God could create the world in six days as He could over millions or billions of years. And given the testimony of Scripture — which has stories supposedly passed down from Adam himself — I do not have an incipient need to reject their assurances of God’s design and activity within the created order.

Because of our “scientifically”-oriented culture, the word “evolve” has evolved into a word that conveys some sort of primal power. When some use the word “evolve” when explaining what they plan to do in life, it is truly laughable when its cognate “change” is used. We go from someone being high-minded to someone sounding utterly foolish, when they’ve never actually said anything different.

For example, Tom Brady’s statement that the Patriots will “evolve” due to one of their player’s injuries would sound inane or at least silly coming from this supposedly intelligent and reasonable individual. His statement becomes “our team will have to change a little bit” without the player. Really?!?! Do you think so? Wow! Imagine that.

I think what people expect from usage of the term evolve nowadays is that we become better through the changes we endure which is not always true. We can overcome the negative things in our lives and eventually find ways to better ourselves, but not all change is good nor beneficial.

Simply put, please stop using the word evolve with this false sense of superiority that seems inherent in its use, as though through evolution we’ll get better. It’s not the change that makes us better — it’s our response to change that determines how beneficial it is.

Okay, thanks for letting me bend your ears. Rant off.