Today is an “ember” day. In the catholic (i.e. universal) Tradition of the Church, ember days are days when the Church has set aside time specifically for ordination and prayer for the bringing in of new ministers. Advent is a good time of the Church year to have special prayers for new ministers, as we concentrate on preparing our hearts to hear and know the Word, minsters are called to be Word-bearers to the Body (while the Body is called to bear the Word to the world.)

So, take some time out and pray for your minister (and me too!). We need it. Also, pray that God will increase the number of those willing to sacrifice some of the “good things” in life to serve Him. It would be nice to own my own iPhone, Porsche, Xbox and all those other cool things in the world, but I’ve made a choice in my life where those are generally out of reach. That’s okay — no complaints. Sometimes though, it seems as though it would be nice to be “wealthy”.

Regardless, it’s time for me (and all of you too) to get our hearts prepped for the coming of our Lord. Open up to Him. Pray for His guidance, and don’t forget to ask Him to bring in more men into the ministry to serve Him.

May His peace reign in your hearts.